Guide to Smoothest Smoke

One of the downsides of the wonderful sport of smoking is throat and lung irritation. The smoother the smoke inhaled, the more enjoyable and less painful your smoking experience will be. Here are a few tips to get the smoothest most enjoyable smoke.

Use a Bong. Bongs are one of the most efficient and effective ways to filter out harmful particulates found in smoke, the water filtration makes taking large hits of smoke much easier. Ash catchers and diffusers can be added to most bongs to make for more and better filtration. Smokers often experience a harsh hit because the smoke is too hot for them to comfortably inhale, using cool water, and ice in the shaft of the bong, smoke can be cooled for a more enjoyable smoke. Using crushed ice will increase the smoke to ice contact area and will provide the coolest possible smoke. Some smokers use other liquids like milk or Listerine (mouthwash) as their bong liquid; we do not recommend this. Many of the active chemicals in smoking blends are alcohol soluble and will make your smoking experience less enjoyable. Using milk may not be a good idea as it can contain bacteria that is not healthy for inhalation, especially if it has been sitting in a bong for a while.

Use a Vaporizer. Vaporizers don't actually provide smooth smoke, they provide vapor, which is even smoother and is harmless in comparison to smoke. Vaporizers work by heating your blend up to the vaporization temperature releasing the active chemicals without actually igniting the blend. Vapor will taste different from smoke, the flavor is more like the original blend rather than the taste of the blends smoke.

If you must roll up your blend, use cellulose papers. They are clear rolling papers that are flavorless and add no noticeable harshness to the smoke. It is the healthiest rolling paper and does not contain any tobacco.