We review several of your favorite roor bongs, roor pipes, volcano vaporizers, and more!
United Glass Works Colored and Fumed Spoon
This Colored and Fumed Spoon was purchased from GrassCity.com. The spoon we received was in a blueish tint as opposed to the orange one pictured. While being very small in size (3"), ...
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Bushmaster Cyclone Bong
This is a very nice Bushmaster Cyclone Bong that was purchased from EveryOneDoesIt. This Bushmaster Cyclone Bong has 3.5mm thick glass, and comes with a 14.5mm joint. It weighs in at around...
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Inferno Glass Double Bubbler
This Double Bubbler that was purchased from EveryOneDoesIt. These bubblers are all hand blown and while similar are all unique and differ slightly in shape, size and color. The bubbler we recieved weighed about ...
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Volcano Vaporization System
This Roor Icemaster 7.0 Green Label that was purchased from EveryOneDoesIt,. The Icemaster 7.0 is rather light for having 7mm thick glass, it weighs in at only 1,140 grams. Perfect size for a coffee table bong,...
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The Rocket Bong
The Rocket Bong features a design that allows you to fold up your bong so it’s small enough to fit into your pocket or kept out of the way. Following on from a previous similar product that ..
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Coloured Brass Hookah - 2 Hose
This relatively small two hose hookah is ideal for inviting a friend around to enjoy a nice smoke with you.
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