Key Pipe from Easyleaf
The Key Pipe from Easyleaf is the ULTIMATE in stealth pipe technology. The Key Pipe is designed to ...

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Wooden Slider Pipe
The pocket-sized Wooden Slider Pipe is an innovative pipe designed for easy use, discreet storage and a smooth, smooth

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Molino Spidernet Spoon Pipe
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Stand-Up Glass Spiral Pipe (Boxed)
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MOVE MOUSE OVER IMAGE TO ENLARGEMini Coloured Glass Pipe - Three Horns
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Double Metal Chamber Pipe – Coloured

This pipe is completely detachable for easy cleaning and also to allow the addition of different parts ...

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This Colored and Fumed Spoon was purchased from The spoon we received was in a blueish tint as opposed to the orange one pictured. While being very small in size (3"), this was still a very smooth hitting pipe. The glass is thick enough for such a small piece and could easily sustain small drops and pressure loads. The hole in the spoon is very nicely sized, big enough that it doesn't clog and small enough that your bowl pack doesn't fall through.

The pipe hits very smoothly despite its size, however it does not hit as nicely as some of the larger bowls we have tested. Good for a portable piece, easily fits in pockets or sunglass cases. We recommend this spoon for anyone who needs a compact durable piece for daily use on the go.

This small pipe is nice and portable, great buy for the price. This spoon can be purchased for $25 from via this link (buy United Glass Works Colored and Fumed Spoon). Keep in mind that GrassCity offers free shipping on all orders over $99, so check out some other reviews or other products on GrassCity.

Overall Rating : 7 / 10
Price Rating : 8 / 10
Quality Rating : 6 / 10
Performance Rating : 7 / 10
Summary : Smooth hitting pipe for its size. The hole size in the bottom of the bowl is perfect. No sucking thru and no clogging. Colors not exactly as shown. Good for the price.