Molino Glass Sidecar Bubbler

This is a very nice Sidecar Bubbler that was purchased from The sidecar itself (bowl/chamber peice) is a little thicker than the mouthpiece stem. The glass throughout the entire piece was thicker than 1/4", which is pretty thick. The bubbler we recieved looked slightly different than the one pictured, both in shape and color.

This is a very smooth hitting bubbler, that allows you to take nice controlled hits without overdoing it. One downside is that the sidecar recquires a very precise amount of water. Too much and water will splash on your smoking blend or get sucked up into your mouth, too little, and it won't filter and will just hit like a pipe, defeating the entire purpose of the bubbler.

This bubbler changes colors nicely overtime with repeated use. This bubbler can be purchased for $75 from via this link (buy molino glass sidecar bubbler). Keep in mind that GrassCity offers free shipping on all orders over $99, so check out some other reviews or other products on GrassCity.

Overall Rating : 7.5 / 10
Price Rating : 8 / 10
Quality Rating : 8 / 10
Performance Rating : 7 / 10
Summary : Nice thick glass. Slightly expensive. Hits nicely and fits nicely in hand. Only downside is the precise amount of water required in the sidecar.