Space Case Scout Grinder (Grind & Stash)
These Space Case Scout Grinders can be purchased from EveryOneDoesIt. We reviewed the ...
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Roor Ashcatcher 3.2mm Red
These 5mm Black Roor Ashcatchers can be purchased from EveryOneDoesIt. This ashcatcher...
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Space Case Grinder/Sifter - Small
The Space Case Ginder/Sifter - small is a nice little pocket sized version of the classic Grinder/Sifter..
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Mix 'N' Ball Presser
This spherical grinder with magnetic sides looks very cool and will grind your herbs as well as any acrylic....
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Mix 'N' Ball Presser
This presser is assembled out of 6 pieces for optimum pressing flexibility...

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Mix 'N' Ball Nano Herb Grinder
This extremely small and light weight herb grinder puts a smile on every ...
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A herb grinder is used for cutting or chopping the legal smoking herbs. They are also called as tobacco grinder.

This Smooth Crystal Catching Grinder and Pollen Presser is the perfect combo for someone who wants to make the most of their herbs. Grind up the herb with the diamond-shaped teeth in the top of the grinder until it falls through the holes into the meshed chamber, where the crystals will filter through the mesh onto the catching tray. Then gather the crystals and put them into the Presser before using the aluminum pressing blocks to pack the extracted crystals together. As a set, the grinder and presser make an ideal gift as they work in conjunction with each other and are vital tools in extracting the very best material. Choose which size Crystal Catcher suits your needs best from 44mm, 50mm and 56mm

Metal Crystal Catching Grinders
5 Piece Grinder Small: The top two parts are like a normal grinder. The second part has holes in its floor, so that the ground bud can fall through the meshed part third part. Then, the crystals fall through the mesh. The fourth section has a tight mesh. Due to this it becomes very much refined, after it falls through the last fifth plate called the collecting plate. The weight is 65 kg and size is 4.2 cm X 3.9 cm.

5 Piece Grinder Medium : The characteristics are similar to the small one except that the weight is 115 gram and size is 5.1 cm X 4.9 cm.

5 Piece Grinder Large : The characteristics are similar to the small one except that the weight is 150 kg and the size is 6.2 cm X 5.5 cm.

Combo Gift Set 2 : This is a deluxe gift combination that consists of the small space case pollen catching grinder and the space case pollen presser. There are compartment for pollen filtration and collection. These can be used to separate all the kif for pressing into hash.

Micro Crystal Catcher : This micro crystal catchers are ideal for those who grind the herbs while they are moving. It is pocket sized and has a magnetic lid. These grinders can be taken anywhere. The size is enough to handle a couple of good sized buds. It also has super herb-shredding diamond teeth. The weight is 47 kg and it is 37 mm diameter and 34 mm tall.

Mix 'N' Ball Double Screen Grinder : The ergonomic parts are able to grind, clean and filter at the same twist. A hard and toxin free layer is coated above the surface of the grinder. The cap grinder has a propeller formed blades and the alligator grip structure. The products has magnets for locking, a small clear plastic spoon and a bottle of purilizer grinder cleaner. The screen sizes are 600 and 285 micron.

Mix 'N' Ball Triple Screen Grinder and Presser : This has three screen sizes 600, 285 and 170 micron. There are magnets for locking, a small clear plastic spoon and a bottle of purilizer grinder cleaner. There is also an amazing Presser II.

Smooth Anodised Crystal Catching Grinder 50 mm: The diamond shaped teeth transform the herbs into a perfectly ground material that can be bowled or ground. Below the grinding section exists a deep meshed middle section? Here, the herbs that are grounded fall and the crystals pass through the mesh to the catching plate. The weight is 130 gram and size is 50 mm diameter X 45 mm.

Smooth Crystal Catching Grinder and Pollen Presser Combo: The herb is ground with the diamond-shaped teeth in the top of the grinder. This falls across the holes into the meshed chamber. Here, the crystals filter through the mesh on the catching tray. Then they are gathering and put into the Presser. The aluminum pressing blocks pack the extracted crystals.

Classic Wooden Grinders
Wooden Herb Grinder Carved Dragon: This has a weight of 75 grams and has 65 mm diameter.

King-Size Wooden Herb Grinder: The buds are inserted into the grinder and twisted away. This has a weight of 87 gram and the size is 75 X 26 mm.

Wooden Herb Grinder Carved Hemp Leaf: This has an intricate carved hemp leaf design. The weight is 75 gram and size is 6 cm diameter.

Wooden Herb Grinder : The weight is 40 gram and the size is 50 mm X 31 mm.

Wooden Herb Grinder Super Size : Its weight is 160 gram and size is 102 mm X 35 mm.

Electric Grinders
Easy leaf Electric Grinder Shock Proof : This has tiny blades that rotate at a tremendous speed, thereby crumbling the herbs into fine powder. This falls through little gaps in the rotor into a specifically designed compartment.

Easy leaf Electric Herb Grinder : This grinder extracts crystal dust which is the important constituent in the herb. This unique blade design uses centrifugal force to separate the lighter crystal residue from the ground herbs. After a small time of quiet grinding, the dust is collected in the lid and the ground herb is in the bowl.

Electric Herb Grinder: The weight is 70 gram and size is 110 mm X 140 mm. This requires 2 AA batteries.

Electric Metal Grinder: This refines the tobacco and herbs for smooth smoking and easy rolling. This material is de-stemmed and filled in a plastic container up to about 30%. The container is screwed onto the body and locked in place. There is a simple switch on the button to rotate the blades and move the grinder to an upright position. The weight is 140 gram and the size is 14.5 cm. The power is 3 X AA batteries.

Element Digital Herb Grinder: The weight is 60 gram and the size is 40 mm X 40 mm. This grinds the herbs to a finer level with the power of a motor.

Some other types of herb grinders are: