Festival Glass Bong - Blue & Yellow Classic Pipa

Festival Glass bongs feature timeless designs and exceptional high quality glass. They have a very solid feel and a premium finish. The glass thickness of the Festival Glass ranges from 7mm to 10mm with the base especially thick, heavy and reliable.

Forged with artistic flair, the swirling colour formations are created by layering two colours of glass on top of each other before the designs are worked into the glass by hand and then smoothed and stretched out. A large rod of coloured glass is then wrapped around the cylinder to complete the individual appearance of this lovely bong. It has a built-in glass downstem and the hand-blown lift-off Pyrex bowl is tough and sturdy while providing a fantastic hit.

Intricately hand-blown and carved, these special water-pipes can take up to three days to complete and represent the most decorative glass bongs in the world.

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