Volcano Vaporization System

&nbsp This Volcano Vaporization System came from EveryOneDoesIt, it is truly a legend in the world of smoking and vaporization. Vaporizers are by far the safest way of "smoking" or consuming the active ingredients in your smoking blend. Smoking, even through bongs with multiple filters, introduces tons of harmful particulates in smoke into your lungs that can lead to health problems and decreased resistance to sickness. Using a vaporizer greatly reduces the negative aspects associated with smoking, including harsh smoke that can irritate your throat and lungs.

&nbsp The Volcano Vaporization System measures in at 170mm x 180mm or roughly 6.5 inches by 7 inches and weighs about 1.8kg or about 4 pounds. The unit consists of three basic pieces; the base heating element, the filling chamber and the mouthpiece and attached polythene balloon. The System is incredibly easy to use, simply grind your preffered smoking blend and place it in the filling chamber, do not pack it too tightly or the heated air will not pass through the herbs properly. Start the heating element by pressing the green button, allow it to preheat for a few seconds before attaching the balloon and mouthpiece, this will ensure that the most vapor possible enters the balloon.

&nbsp Wait for the bag to completely fill then turn the green button on the heating element to off. Press the finger clasp on the mouthpiece to release it from the base unit. The bag will remain filled with vapor for a pretty long time, the pressure valve on the mouthpiece only allows vapor to escape when it is enhaled from. Here is wear you start to notice the big differences. No hot smoke, but rather cool vapors to enhale, no choking, coughing or shortness of breath. Much less odour is produced from a vaporizer than traditional smoking methods.

&nbsp This amazing unit can be purchased for $527.16 from EveryOneDoesIt via this link (buy Volcano Vaporization System). A free plastic herb grinder is included with every Volcano Purchase.

Overall Rating : 10 / 10
Price Rating : 8.5 / 10
Quality Rating : 10 / 10
Performance Rating : 10 / 10
Summary : By far the best product we have test to date. Amazing performance, makes smoking safer and more enjoyable. Big price tag, but worth every penny if you are a frequent smoker. Amazing 3 year waranty protects your investment.