This Hurricane TDE1000 Frosted Window (3 Jets) that was purchased from EveryOneDoesIt, is a beautiful bong. It is truly a piece of quality glass. Weighing in at 1000 grams and standing 43cm tall this hurricane is made of 100% borosilicate glass, just like the rest of the hurricane line.

Hurricane TDE 1000 Bong Picture

The frosted glass that covers most of the bong (except for the windowed area) gives it a much better grip than others even in wet conditions. This bong is virtually indestructible by design as it is crafted tension-free. This anti-break system ensures that the vulnerable parts of the bong stabilize each other minimizing amount of damage done if the bong is dropped. What makes the hurricane really stand out from the crowd is its unique filtration system.

Fine jets or holes are applied throughout the inner wall of the bong, drawing outside air and swirling the smoke into a strong rotation inside the chamber. As smoke is pulled through the jets the tar is trapped against the glass. After a short time of use, tar deposits are noticeable at the exits of the jets. The hurricane filtration system does an excellent job filtering out unwanted elements, making it one of the healthier options for smoking and making the smoke much smoother and more enjoyable.

All Hurricane models purchased from EveryOneDoesIt are shipped as complete sets, including a splash-guard, downpipe and the ’Vesuvio’ bowl (the round bowl in the above picture).

This bong is a great buy, true quality at a bargain price, can be purchased for $463.09 from EveryOneDoesIt via this link (buy Hurricane TDE1000 Frosted Window (3 Jets)).

Overall Rating : 8.5 / 10
Price Rating : 4 / 10
Quality Rating : 10 / 10
Performance Rating : 10 / 10
Summary : This bong is truly a piece of art, quality craftsmanship. The price will definately leave a dent in the wallet at just over $450. Hits extremely smoothly.